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Over the past year my family was preparing for a change...a good change, a life altering change, a GOD change.  Our story was going to start a new chapter.

When I was called into our dining room to see the picture of a little girl all the way across the ocean, living in a Chinese heart skipped a beat.  She was beautiful and she had a new story waiting to start.  God chose her from the beginning of time and picked her for my family.  The process of adoption had started and the process of drawing our family closer and breaking our hearts for what breaks His has continued.

After a year of papers, waiting, and anticipating a little 6 year old...the day came when she was officially ours and my parents went on the adventure of their lives to China.  It was a long two weeks, it was a trying year but every morning I wake up and see a little girl with her gleaming eyes and laughter AND I know I am blessed...WE are all blessed.

My parents adopted Lakelin JiaSong Marie...a little girl the world had once forgotten but is now in our arms.   God writes our stories and sometimes they have a rough start but then they are given a new beginning, for He makes all things new.  His story for Lakelin has it's share of loneliness and heartbreak...being given up and left to fend for herself as a baby in a train station.  She grew up overlooked in an orphanage, just a number out of many faces.  Until one day she was given a new name, a new start, a new family, and a new life...just like Christ fills us and changes our story when we run after Him - adopting us into His kingdom giving us a new name, a new start, a new family, and a new life.

We love our Lakelin and know she was ours from the start.  There are so many more children who are waiting for a family and someone to love and look after them.  Adoption is there room at your table for one more little face?

See more of the adventure check out Lakelin's Gotcha Day :)

"Bloom Where You Are Planted"

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  1. LOVE how you made this video and you/your family's heart for adoption! such an amazing way to show Christ. and that song by audio adrenaline is one of my latest favorites--so good!

  2. Well said, Pink Flower Photography! Glad the family keeps growing. Blessed to be a part of your extended family.