David's 1 Year Cake Smash at Ellis Park - Cedar Rapids Kids Photography

Cake Smash.  One of my favorite sessions...not just because I think it is adorable but because I LOVE cake myself.  So much, that watching a 1 year old smash and eat their own cake makes me hungry during the session...it's BAD!

This little guy was hilarious.  He wasn't exactly a fan of eating cake and didn't want to eat it at all.  He kept giving us crazy faces like we were weird giving him a whole cake to himself.  This session was pretty special to shoot because I also shot his Mom's maternity photos and David's newborn pics...it's not often you get the chance to see kids grow and change throughout the year.
::: Caitlyn :::
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  1. great images cant wait to take these with my child

  2. We would love you to take our family photos every year! Thanks so much!


    1. Awww, thanks so much Tara! I love your family! And would be honored!

  3. Beautiful family and beautiful images