History of Birthday Cakes - Jett's Cake Smash

CAKE, n. 1. "A small mass of dough baked; or a composition of flour, butter, sugar, or other ingredients, baked in a small mass. The name is applied"

As I was working on these "cake smash" pictures, the thought of how did Birthday cake begin...got me thinking.  If you know me personally, I am a sweetaholic...I seriously have a problem, sugary foods are my favorite...candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, etc.  After doing a little research on Birthday cakes...I found it was more intriguing than I would have guessed.

The baking of cakes is supposedly traced back to the days of Ancient Greece.  The people would bake a moon shaped cake and put a candle on it, in honor of one of their gods (the candle was a symbol of the moonlight).  

While the Greeks created cakes, the Germans are responsible for baking cakes and being the first to use them to celebrate.  Their cake was more like sweetened bread formed into a blob for Kinderfest (when kids put shoes out on Christmas Eve...similar to stockings).  A candle was placed on top to represent the "light of life."

The sugary sweetness of "todays" cakes, didn't come around until the 17th century, where only the wealthy could afford the ingredients and icing decorations...so they became a specialty for the rich.  As time went on more people began baking cakes for important celebrations, birthdays being one of them.  AND the rest is history...we now live in a world where everyone can enjoy BIRTHDAY CAKE...I get my sugar fix...and there you have it.

Now, as for cake smash pictures...Jett's were a blast.  Loved his little diaper cover with his name on the butt!  I photographed him as a baby and boy has he grown in the past year.  He looks so different...and is definitely a cutie!

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