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Sommerfeldt Family Adoption Session - Marion, Iowa

This past month has been crazy with opportunities all relating to China, adoption, kids etc. It's like when it rains it pours...cept this is a fantastic area to have pour. I am enjoying that fact that even in plain old Iowa the opportunities are huge.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a family to photograph one of their first new "family" photos. They were heading to China to get their sweet little daughter and I was beyond excited. For those of you that are new, I offer special adoption photography to families who have adopted in the past three months (if you are adopting and would like to know more feel free to contact me). These are some of my favorite moments to photograph because three months is not very long and everything is so new to the child...and you can definitely catch moments and expressions that are priceless.

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Red Threads│Adoption│Iowa

SoOoOo...adoption is something that I have always loved but has become more prevalent in my life this past year.  Not only am I getting a new baby cousin straight from China today but also the new addition to my family...Miss Lakelin.  I have loved every moment with her.  It's amazing to see how she fits into my family perfectly...God knew she was going to be ours...and I couldn't feel more blessed.  For those of you reading, there are hundreds of thousands of kids like my new sister that need a home...I know you have room at your table for one more and I am aware of some little cuties that I could recommend ;)

Now on to my announcement!  As some of you may know one of my dream jobs would be to somehow combine missions + orphans + adoption + photography.  At this time, I am one step closer as I have been accepted into the RED THREADS PROGRAM :)  They are an awesome organization that allows adoptive families to find photographers to photograph their adoption homecoming and new family addition...memories that are priceless.  I would highly recommend you to check out their website HERE!  If you are adopting you can find my RED THREAD listing HERE.

Now I can't end without a picture of Princess Lakelin...a new series of photographs coming soon.

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