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Ben C / Cedar Rapids Iowa Senior

// C A I T L Y N    B //

Last Breath of Winter - Iowa Senior Photography

Like many other fellow Iowans, I thought winter was long gone and we were not going to be getting anymore snow.  Being a sunshine, hot weather girl, it was an exciting thought.  But there was just one little thing I didn't get to accomplish without winter snow...a photo shoot.  I had been eyeing an idea for quite sometime but was not going to attempt it this year unless the weather was perfect and well it was perfect.  I like to think it is the last breath of winter and now we can move into Spring.

This dress was put together by my sister and I, we will just say it was rather pokey, heavy and difficult to maneuver and I don't think I will make one of these again.  Can I get points for recycling an old Christmas tree?  And can I get extra point for actually making something from ideas I pinned on my Pinterest board?  I should be rolling in the points now haha!

^ It was really cold out :)

// Caitlyn // 

Sara M│Xavier High School Senior

Oh Sara, thank you for rocking your session!  I have been waiting to blog this and am now happy it is finally hitting the internet.  With 2015, coming quickly, Sara was my test subject for some new ideas heading your way.  Can you say free makeup, unlimited outfits & locations, & personalized Senior products.  I will be personally walking you through the entire process & session, making sure you leave looking beautiful and confident.

Sara is gorgeous and a joy to be around.  I was super thrilled when we met and saw her amazing outfit selections.  Can you say spectacular!  My new goal: Hire my Senior clients to style me ;)

We Rode in Trucks - Cedar Rapids Prairie Boys High Senior Photography

"Where I grew up, we rode in trucks..." Luke Bryan

I LOVE senior sessions, I get to spend one-on-one time with someone, chat my head off and ask dozens of questions, while taking lots and lots of photos.  Most of the time I photograph girls, I enjoy young ladies because they have so many awesome outfits and hair styles etc.  But I tend to think they are a little complicated at times because you have to have massive variety and are more particular about hair and makeup and those small details that make us love being girls.  So, when I got to photograph this guy and he made my session easy peasy...I was pretty happy and able to practice all sorts of "manly posing."  Not only was Brandon laid back and did whatever I asked, he picked out his own locations...can I jump for joy right now!  Absolutely, can't tell you how much I enjoy working with new scenery and lighting!  Brandon wins for one of my favorite Senior "Boy Sessions" so far and I am liking the "backwoods country" look in these.

And I had to post these last two just because I think it's the funniest "brothers" photo ever...boys

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