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This year, I made the choice to cut down on my photography and only commit to my favorite types of sessions. Right now, that looks like modern kids, teens and family work. Honestly, I have been having a blast being able to focus on my strengths and just fall in love with photography again this fall!

Well, when you decide to hone in and focus on only certain types of still have moments where you can't say no...and shooting my cousins engagement pictures was one of those times. These were a blast and they both had me laughing the entire time.

A great advantage to working with couples is that you can have them interact and get beautiful moments. Keep reading for a few tips and tricks I have found when working with couples.

+ Have them move into a"pose." While I do set my couples up...I find a lot of my favorite images are those where they were moving. Below, I had them grab hands and told Ashley to start walking and make herself giggle. When you tell your couple to move, remember to give them direction of where you want them to be looking.

 + They were again moving in this pic. I told Andrew to pull Ashley towards him and squish together.

+ Lessons I have learned from "smoochy pics" is not to have them hold a kiss in place...that will give you one of the worst stiff images. Below, Andrew pecked a kiss on Ashley about 20 my words, "Hey just keep kissing her over and over at full speed until I tell you I am done." This led to the following images where they are laughing and in the moment.

 + This is one of my most used shots. I always have the guy stand about five feet behind the girl and tell him to go whenever he is ready and wrap his arms around his lady. I want there to be surprise and anticipation from the woman. This can lead to emotional embraces, lots of laughter and at times a scared girl from not knowing when to expect her man haha.

 + Sometimes its hard for clients not to smile but you want to capture a serious face...I call this the"Synchronized Breathing" technique. I tell my couples to be really still, close their eyes and try to synchronize their breathing together. It works like a charm.
 + In this last image, I told Ashley to look over her shoulder and make herself laugh. A lot of people don't know how to fake laugh, so literally have your subject say "Ha...Ha...Ha" and it will lead to lots of true laughter.

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"We loved with a love that was more than love." - Edgar Allan Poe

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 This picture made me laugh because I feel like "J" wasn't ready to snuggle with her older sis.
cedar rapids family photographer

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cedar rapids family photography
 This is one of my FAVORITES of this set of images!
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